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3 Classic MG B’s for Sale

November 16, 2016 Editorial

Yes the MG B really does synonymise British classic cars and we here at Classic Cars HQ love these little beauties too. Their curb appeal, price and spare parts and enthusiast community is one of the best and most establ...

3 1980s Classic BMW cars for sale

November 10, 2016 Editorial

Bavarian motors don’t come any better than these three classic BMWs for sale in the Classic Cars HQ classifieds. 1984 BMW 318i What was once a mid-range salesperson car is now the feature of the Classic Cars H...

3 Cracking Classic Porsche

November 3, 2016 Other

Porsche! There aint no substitute. Check out these three classic Porsche cars which were added to the Classic Cars HQ free-to-list cars for sale classifieds. These Porsches really do stand out from the crowd and so could...

More American Classics Cars for Sale

October 24, 2016 Editorial

Due to the popularity of the recent news on American classic cars for sale here on Classic Cars HQ we bring the second instalment of American cars for sale from our free to list classic classifieds. 1976 Lincoln To...

Six American Classic Car Bargain Buys

October 14, 2016 Editorial

Presenting Six of the best American Muscle and American Classic Cars for sale here in the UK on 1957 Cadillac Coupe Deville This Californian example of the beautiful Cadillac Coupe Deville l...

Five Fast Friday Classics

October 7, 2016 Editorial

Five Fast-Friday Themed Classic Cars for sale in the Classic Cars HQ classifieds this week... 1989 Mercedes 190E Cosworth Boasting a 141k on the clock and very original condition this 1989 F Reg Merc 190E is on...

Five Classics Car Buys this September

September 26, 2016 Editorial

Five lovely classic cars for sale to end the September season... As September draws to a close and many begin to lock-up their classic cars we here at Classic Cars HQ just cant stop finding lovely classics for sale in...

5 of the best 1980’s classic cars worth a look

September 14, 2016 Editorial

Presenting these 80’s classics as the editors-best-buy cars currently for sale and listed in the classifieds during the past 5 days here @classiccarshq. 1989 Porsche 928 GT This late 1989 Porsche is a testament to ...

5 Cracking Classics

August 25, 2016 Editorial

5 Cracking Classics from this Weeks Classifieds Check out the editors pick ready for some August Bank Holiday fun! 5 top classic cars listed for free by users in our Classic Cars HQ classifieds, ready to be enjoyed, r...

Classic Car Security

August 12, 2016 Editorial

With the price of classic cars rising steadily the rise in classic car crime is also potentially on the increase. Securing your classic and ensuring that no unscrupulous folks tamper or try to steal her isn’t as easy as ...

The 2016 Brooklands Reunion

August 10, 2016 Editorial

Classic Brooklands Grand Prix Line Up... Brooklands hosts some of the best classic car events in the country and this weekend is no different. A line up of Grand Prix car stretching the past century is set to descend ...

Selling or Buying a Classic Car at Auction

July 31, 2016 Editorial

Selling or buying anything in an auction can be risky and expensive if you don’t know what you are doing but, if you know what you are looking or have something unique to sell then an auction is really a great place to s...

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