History of Classic Car Auctions

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The car auction was created to meet the demand of the discriminating classic and vintage car buyer. When looking for the perfect classic car, many are finding that online auctions on disreputable sites and random classifieds adverts can be shady and even illegal. If you’re in the market for a pristine through re-storable classic or vintage car, you can look through our growing inventory of cars here, or you can make a day of it at an official classic or vintage car auction.

More About Classic and Vintage Car Auctions…

Classic European and American cars are vehicles manufactured before 1969. These older beauties are sleek, sexy, and know how to purr. They bring back memories of a better time—drive-ins, cruising on weekends with the friends, racing your buddies from one side of town to the other—good times in a great car. Classic cars are classic because they hold a piece of our hearts, a piece that gives up a fire in our souls and a twinkle in our eyes. Classic cars are worth the effort and cost to restore, but why put in the time and money to restore when you can buy them in perfect or near perfect condition at a classic cars auction?

Vintage cars are vehicles manufactured between 1919 and 1930. These cars are actual pieces of history you can drive. Long before seat belts, padded seats, and a four wheel brake system, people were driving great cars. Vintage cars are post-war glimmers of hope and prosperity—something we needed to help us move from the gloom of war into the light of a brighter industrial future. Because so many vintage cars were lost to the abyss of the barn or scrapped for newer, safer, faster cars, the number of vintage cars available on the market is much smaller than that of class cars. Looking through internet postings for vintage cars can feel like looking for a piece of hay in a needle stack, so why put yourself through that? Vintage car auctions are where you need to be to find that perfect vintage model to add to your collection.

Searching for your Dream Car at Auction

Professional, official and sponsored classic car auctions are a growing phenomenon in Europe and the US.

Typically, classic car auctions are announced months ahead of time, and potential buyers are encouraged to purchase a catalog featuring the cars for sale. This time allows you to determine if there are any cars you’re interested in, or if selling your own car would bring in a buyer. One to two days before the auction, some auction houses will allow select buyers to view the cars during specific viewing hours. This puts the cars within reach so buyers can take a good long look at the cars without the gaggle of other buyers getting in the way. After the viewing hours the real auction begins. Auctions usually run all day, and sometimes several days, presenting cars for sale in many makes, models, years and conditions.

If you spot your dream car in the auction catalogue, be sure to bring enough money to give other potential buyers a run for their money. If you want it, don’t let it leave the auction without your name on the owner’s slip.

The Ease and Inventory of Online Auctions

There are a few hundred online auction sites with questionable ethics and complaints against them for presenting vehicles they aren’t authorised to sell or for misrepresenting the cars for sale. There’s nothing like buying a ’67 Chevy in excellent condition only to see a parts car roll off the truck.

Because we know how important a high-quality, officially online auctions are for the global consumer, we’re committed to listing only the best, above-board online auctions in the world. If it isn’t listed in our Auctions section, it isn’t worth your time. The beauty of the online auctions we list is they usually have a very large and select inventory of cars from Europe, the Middle East and the US. If your dream car isn’t in the UK, you might find it located in Austin, Texas and up for auction online.

Local vs. International Classic Car Auctions

One of the best benefits to classic car and vintage car enthusiasts looking for their dream car is the nearness of auctions for our UK community members. From Brooklands in Surrey to Place Vauban in Paris, France, the best of the best in classic and vintages cars are only a short trip away. If you’re in the market for an American classic, you should consider booking a plane and making your way to the classic and vintage cars auctions popping up at world renown car shows throughout the Southwest United States.

Making the trip to live auctions can be worth the time and expense if you do your research, look through the catalog of available cars and figure out which of the cars is going home with you before you ever leave home.

Join our Classic Cars Community –>

As an enthusiast and connoisseur of the classic or vintage car, you should own a place of your own within our growing and stellar online community. On our Facebook page, more than 30,000 community members meet, discuss classic cars, share adverts for cars, read editorials about classic cars in the news and generally just share in their common love for cars older than 1970.

Not only are we growing our Facebook community, we are hurriedly developing an app that will effectively allow you to carry Classic Cars HQ with you wherever you go. Want to know the going rate for a ’67 Jaguar? Open the app and ask the community. Want to know if the ’56 Fiat you found in your uncle’s barn is worth restoring? Open the app and ask the community.

Also, as always, there is tons of information available on our websites editorial pages.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us or ask one of our many community members.

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