Classic Car Security

| Editorial | August 12, 2016

With the price of classic cars rising steadily the rise in classic car crime is also potentially on the increase. Securing your classic and ensuring that no unscrupulous folks tamper or try to steal her isn’t as easy as it is with modern cars, in fact some classic cars didn’t even come equipped with door locks never mind steering locks, boot locks or glove box locks.

So here are some quick ways of securing your classic car.

1. Prevention is better than the cure. Yes, by thinking about where you park your classic car you can perhaps avoid some criminality. There is a website provided by the UK Police which details crime and car crime in certain postcodes before you park up.

2. Keep it on you – don’t leave things in your classic car on display or in the glove box. Yes it might sound obvious but by not leaving things on display you can avoid some opportunistic car crime. Some even go as far as wiping off the mark on the windscreen which is left by GPS mounts.

3. Disconnect the distributor arm/ cap. Although you might have to get your hands a bit dirty, taking out the distributor arm is a great way of ensuring no one can start your classic car. It only takes minute to do and can be kept in your wallet. If you are leaving your car for a long period it can be wise to take off one of the batter connectors too.

4. Steering locks and gear box locks. Yes aftermarket locks are a great idea to put off some criminals but, often these locks are not a problem for a serious thief who comes equipped to steal.

However ram raid posts and bollards as well as gates and a locked garage are some good ways of ensuring your classic car remains safe and sound when parked at home.


So there you have it, some simple ideas to help you secure your classic car. Often the damage caused by thief’s can be costly to repair, smashed windows, broken locks (can mean odd keys for you in the future) and some lowly characters are even known to slash or vandalise your car in frustration. For this reason some classic car users simply leave their cars unlocked and with nothing in them or a couple of pounds in the ashtray and this way they find that should anyone target your car, the only thing you lose long term is a couple of quid.


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