#Brexit and the classic car market; what to expect

| Editorial | June 24, 2016

It might come as no surprise to some that afters yesterday’s referendum the UK has voted to leave the EU by a margin of around 4%, where amidst talks of financial crashes, recession and downward changes to the Pound the question of what does it all mean and how will #BREXIT affect classic car prices, collectors, buyers and dealers in the days, weeks and months to follow?

Should you still invest in Classic Cars?
Investment in a classic car is still a solid choice; as reports that investors are heading towards Gold the idea of buying tangible assets like a classic car or a piece of gold is rewarding choice. As always the kind of classic car you are buying can affect the outcome of your initial investment however Exotic, European classic cars such as Ferrari, Porsche, BMW and Lamborghini are still expected to rise, likewise Mercedes Benz, Fiat, Audi and VW classic car prices are thought to be a stable, growing choice where #BREXIT results would suggest that buying a Right Hand Drive model be a wise choice.

Buying British or European Classic Cars?
austin healey
If thinking about selling or buying cars in the UK post #BREXIT; Rolls Royce, Bentley, Aston Martin, Austin Healey, Maclaren, Noble, Jaguar and Land Rover classic cars could now and in the coming weeks and months become more popular with buyers due to the increase in patriotism which has been highlighted by yesterday’s polling numbers and high voter turnout. With the North of the UK, East, West and Central bands voters demonstrating by the majority a lust for all things British, UK goods, UK brands and UK Manufacturers; which then highlights UK regions beyond London as new, potential gold mines for those looking to sell their British Classic Cars.
referendum breakdown by region
So as doom and gloom talks over recessions and plummeting Pound Sterling criss-crosses the front pages of our tabloids; why not get out in your garage, fire up your classic car and wait for it all to die down. Your investments in classic cars can continue to be safe, secure and are set to rise steadily as the UK economy settles into the new phase of Government.

Will you still buy into classic car investing post #Brexit? Have your say below via Facebook…


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